Air Conditioning System Design

Air Conditioning System Design
Air Conditioning System Design Cover

Air Conditioning System Design by Roger Legg. The book provides the latest air conditioning technology information and provides knowledge about Load calculations, energy efficiency, design, and selection of HVAC systems. The theoretical coverage is backed with relevant worked examples and the use of data from the latest editions of CIBSE and ASHRAE publications that help both Europe and North American engineers and students.

The Contents in Air Conditioning System Design Book is:

  • 1. Properties of Humid Air
  • 2. Air Conditioning Processes
  • 3. Indoor Design Conditions
  • 4. Outdoor Design Conditions
  • 5. Room Heat Gains, Air Diffusion, and Flow Rates
  • 6. All-Air Systems
  • 7. Unitary Systems
  • 8. Chilled Beams and Radiant Ceiling Systems
  • 9. Refrigeration and Heat Pump Systems
  • 10. Humidifiers and Cooling Towers
  • 11. Exhaust Air Heat Recovery
  • 12. Air Filters
  • 13. Fluid Flow: General Principles
  • 14. Ducted Air Systems
  • 15. Fans
  • 16. Balancing Fluid Flow Systems
  • 17. Control Dampers and Valves
  • 18. Energy Consumption
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 4th Edition
  • 19. Commissioning, Operation, and Maintenance

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