HVAC Controls and Systems

HVAC Controls and Systems
HVAC Controls and Systems Book Cover

HVAC Controls and Systems by John I. Levenhagen, Donald H. Spethmann. The book is a comprehensive guide to HVAC commercial control systems. It covers a wide range of topics, including different types of controls and instruments, as well as the problems that can arise in HVAC systems and how to troubleshoot and solve them. The book covers both pneumatic and electronic controls, including both analog and digital versions. It also covers standard electric controls and the devices that they control, such as room thermostats and humidistats.

The Contents of HVAC Controls and Systems 

  • HVAC Design Considerations
  • Chapter 2. Thermostats
  • Dampers and Damper Motors
  • Automatic Valves
  • HVAC Inspection Notes
  • Pneumatic Transmitters, Indicating Receivers, and Receiver Controllers
  • Auxiliary Devices
  • Construction Systems and Devices
  • Electric and Electronic Control Products
  • Direct Digital Control
  • Automatic Control by DDC
  • HVAC Design Sourcebook 2020
  • Air-Handling Units
  • Terminal Units and Systems
  • Primary Supply Systems
  • Heat Pumps and Heat Pump Controls
  • Distribution Systems of All Types
  • HVAC Commissioning Guidebook
  • Supervisory Control and Total System Optimization
  • Operating and Maintaining Control and HVAC Systems
  • Selection of Types of Control Systems

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