Applied Mechanical Design

Applied Mechanical Design
Applied Mechanical Design Book Cover

Applied Mechanical Design by Ammar Grous. This book is designed for students in specialized schools and science and technology universities, and also for professionals in the industrial sector. Its content is based on case studies with given solutions, which are targeted and discussed. The book is written as a didactic tool to guide readers in their approach to design, making heavy reference to industry. The construction of the book is founded primarily on intuition where Arts and Industry are concerned. University courses in Technology offer solutions to the problems arising in design, but do not always present an exhaustive list of the numerous steps that need to be followed at the implementation stage. Sometimes, solutions put forward in mechanical design refer to diagrams without saying anything.

The Contents of Applied Mechanical Design

  • Chapter 1. Case Study-based Design Methodology
  • Chapter 2. Materials and Geometry in Applied Mechanical Design,
  • Chapter 3. Geometrical Specification of GPS and ISO Products
  • Chapter 4. Design of Incurvate Geometries by Sweeping
  • Mechanical Design Engineering Handbook
  • Chapter 5. Principles for Calculations in Mechanical Design: Theory and Problems
  • Chapter 6. Noise and Vibration in Machine Parts
  • Chapter 7. Principles of Calculations for Fatigue and Failure
  • Chapter 8. Friction, Brakes, and Gear Systems
  • Chapter 9. Sizing of Creations
  • Chapter 10. Design of Plastic Products
  • Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing
  • Chapter 11. Mechanical Design Projects
  • Conclusion.

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