Thermal Engineering in Power Systems

Thermal Engineering in Power Systems
Thermal Engineering in Power Systems Book Cover

Thermal Engineering in Power Systems by B.Sunden, Ryoichi Amano. his comprehensive volume stands as a pinnacle in the field, providing a wealth of knowledge and invaluable contributions to the study of thermal engineering within power systems. Aimed at the international community, this book showcases recent advances and cutting-edge research that shapes the future of power generation and energy utilization. This book focuses on thermal engineering topics for power systems. The topic ranges from overall power systems that include fossil power plants, associated environmental cleaning methods, the safety of nuclear power plants, development of virtual engineering design environments, cooling technologies, and associated problems related to high-temperature gas turbine blades, highly efficient compressors, steam turbines, and hybrid cars.

The Contents of Thermal Engineering in Power Systems

  • Relevance of heat transfer and heat exchangers for the development of sustainable energy systems
  • Advanced technologies for clean and efficient energy conversion in power systems
  • Virtual engineering and the design of power systems
  • Steam power plants
  • Thermal Power Plant Design and Operation
  • Enhancement of nuclear power plant safety
  • Modern CFD application on aerothermal engineering
  • Innovative gas turbine cooling techniques
  • Electrical Power System
  • Hot gas path heat transfer characteristics/active cooling of turbine components
  • Design and optimization of Turbo compressors
  • Types of turbo compressors
  • Flow in a centrifugal compressor impeller and improved design
  • Guide to Electric Power Generation
  • Thermal engineering in hybrid car systems

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