Fire Tube Boilers

Understanding Air Pollution Emissions and Flue Gas Emission Standards in Boiler Combustion

Air Pollution Emissions and Flue Gas Emission Standards in Boiler Combustion

Introduction: Boilers are widely used in industries and households for various purposes, including heating, power generation, and industrial processes. However, the combustion of fuels in boilers can release harmful pollutants into the atmosphere, contributing to air pollution and its associated health and environmental impacts. In this blog post, we will delve into the topic of air pollution emissions and flue …

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Steam Trap Types Working and Function

Types of steam trap

The function of steam trap: Steam traps are installed in steam lines to drain condensate from the lines without allowing the escape of steam. There are many designs of steam traps for high and low-pressure use. Steam Trap working In general, a steam trap consists of a valve and a device or arrangement that causes the valve to open and …

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Soot Blower in Boiler Fixed & Rotary Soot Blowers

Fixed position rotating soot blower Diamond company

Large Boilers in power plants are fitted with soot blowers, which are tools to keep the outside surface of the tubes clean and free from material or ash that would have a detrimental effect on the heat transfer surface. The blowing fluid is generally steam and the frequency of operation depends upon the type of fuel being used. The flue …

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Simple Vertical Boiler Working

simple vertical boiler diagram

A vertical boiler is a type of steam boiler that is designed with a vertical cylinder shape. Vertical boilers are often used in small- to medium-sized facilities, such as schools, hospitals, and small industrial plants, where space is at a premium. This is the simplest type of fire tube boiler. A simple vertical boiler produces low Pressure and a small …

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Package Boiler

Package Boiler

The packaged boiler is so called because it comes as a complete factory-assembled Package with all mountings, ¬†accessories and control instrumentation are installed on it. Once it delivered to site, boiler requires only the steam, feed water pipe line. fuel supply connections and electrical connections to be made for package boiler to become operational and produce steam. Package boilers are …

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Fire Tube Boiler

package boiler

The basic principles on which a boiler operates remains the same. Boilers also have different models, today we will talk about “fire tube boiler”. What is a Fire tube boiler? The universal type of steam boilers is the smoke tube or fire tube boiler where the heat and gases of combustion (from furnace) pass through tubes that are enclosed by …

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Types and Classifications of Industrial Boilers

types and classification of boilers

What is a Boiler? The boiler is an important piece of equipment for most industrial facilities and power plants. The boiler is a closed pressure vessel in which water is converted into steam by the application of heat and used to produce high pressure or low-pressure steam or to produce hot water for industrial or domestic use. Usually, boilers are …

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