Cold Climate HVAC 2018

Cold Climate HVAC 2018
Cold Climate HVAC 2018 Book Cover

Cold Climate HVAC 2018 Sustainable Buildings in Cold Climates. The 9th international Cold Climate HVAC 2018 conference was held in the city of Kiruna, Sweden, from March 12 to 15. The conference series was initiated by the (SCANVAC) in 1994. The numerous connections made during the conference and tour between researchers from academy, practitioners, and developers from industry help in bringing improvements to the future sustainability of both new and renovated northern buildings.

The Contents in Cold Climate HVAC 2018

• Energy and power efficiency and low energy buildings
• Renovation of buildings
• Efficient HVAC components
• Heat pump and geothermal systems
• District and city energy systems
• Buildings in operation
Ispe good practice guide heating ventilation and air conditioning.
• Building simulation
• Transdisciplinary connections and social aspects
• Indoor environment and health
• Moisture safety and hygrothermal aspects
• Codes, regulations, standards, and policies
• Other aspects of buildings in cold climates

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