Electric Power Substations Engineering

The electric power substation engineering
The electric power substation engineering book cover

The Electric Power Substations Engineering by John D. MacDonald. The objective of Electric Power Substations Engineering is to provide an extensive overview of substations, as well as a reference and guide for their study. The chapters are written for the electric power engineering professional for detailed design information as well as for other engineering professions (e.g., mechanical and civil) who want an overview or specific information in one particular area.

The Contents of Electric Power Substations Engineering

1 How a Substation Happens
2 Gas-Insulated Substations
3 Air-Insulated Substations: Bus/Switching Configurations
4 High-Voltage Switching Equipment
5 High-Voltage Power Electronic Substations
6 Interface between Automation and the Substation
7 Substation Integration and Automation
8 Oil Containment
Electrical Power Transmission System Engineering
9 Community Considerations
10 Animal Deterrents/Security
11 Substation Grounding
12 Direct Lightning Stroke Shielding of Substations
13 Seismic Considerations
14 Substation Fire Protection
15 Substation Communications
16 Physical Security of Substations
17 Cyber Security of Substation Control and Diagnostic Systems
18 Gas-Insulated Transmission Line
19 Substation Asset Management
Textbook of electrical technology by BL Theraja vol 4
20 Station Commissioning and Project Closeout
21 Energy Storage
22 Role of Substations in Smart Grids

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