Electrical Safety of Low Voltage Systems

Electrical Safety of Low Voltage Systems
Electrical Safety of Low Voltage Systems

Electrical Safety of Low Voltage Systems by Massimo Mitolo. The book’s audience consists of electrical engineering students who need to know the principles of electrical safety as well as professional engineers who are involved in the bonding and grounding of power systems. Background requirements include knowledge of a.c. electric circuits, algebra, complex numbers, and basic calculus. Electrical safety may be perceived only as a list of prudent actions to or not to undertake in the presence of energized objects, constituting the defense against direct contact with live parts. However, the safety of persons also depends on their exposure to indirect contact, that is, contact with parts normally not in tension, but likely to become energized due to faults. Thus, the attitude toward live parts is not the only key in preventing accidents.

The Contents of Electrical Safety of Low Voltage Systems

  • Basic Definitions and Nomenclature
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Safety
  • Mathematical Principles of Electrical Safety
  • The Earth
  • Electrical Safety Handbook, 3rd Edition
  • Effects of Electric Currents Passing Through the Human Body
  • TT Grounding System
  • TN Grounding System
  • Protective Multiple Earthing (TN-C-S Grounding System)
  • IT Grounding System
  • Extra-Low-Voltage Systems
  • Electrical Safety in the Workplace
  • Earth Electrodes, Protective Conductors, and Equipotential Bonding Conductors
  • Safety Against Overvoltages
  • Safety Against Static Electricity
  • Testing the Electrical Safety
  • Applications of Electrical Safety in Special Locations and Installations
  • Fundamental Conventions and Electric Circuit Theorems
  • Fundamental Units, Symbols, and Correct Spellings

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