Electricians Instant Answers

Electrician's Instant Answers
Electrician’s Instant Answers

Electricians Instant Answers book by  David Tuck, Gary Tuck, and R. Dodge Woodson. The Book for Electricians Who Need the Right Answer NOW! Here’s the one on-site reference electricians can’t afford to be without! Electricians’ Instant Answers provides all the information you need to solve just about any electrical procedure problem quickly, effectively, and economically.

The Contents of the Electrician’s Instant Answers book

  • Chapter 1: Understanding Circuits
  • Chapter 2: Temporary Wiring
  • American Electricians Handbook
  • Chapter 3: Exterior Wiring
  • Chapter 4: New Construction
  • Chapter 5: Installation Tips, Tricks, and Techniques
  • Chapter 6: Home Automation.
  • Chapter 7: Lighting
  • Chapter 8: Electric Heating Units
  • Chapter 9: HVAC Electricity and Wiring
  • Chapter 10: Materials
  • Chapter 11: Tools
  • Electricity and Electronics for HVAC
  • Chapter 12: Troubleshooting and Repairs
  • Chapter 13: Getting Work
  • Chapter 14: Keeping Jobs on Track
  • Chapter 15: Worksite Safety
  • Chapter 16: First Aid

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