Fire Safety for Very Tall Buildings

Fire Safety for Very Tall Buildings
Fire Safety for Very Tall Buildings Book Cover

(Society of Fire Protection Engineers series,) Society of Fire Protection Engineers, International Code Council, Fire safety for very tall buildings engineering guide (2022). This guide is not intended to replace the adopted building and fire codes of jurisdictions; rather, it is intended to complement such codes and serves as an added tool for all those involved in the design, review, construction, inspection, and commissioning of new or existing very tall buildings. SFPE is a global organization representing those practicing in the field of fire protection
engineering and fire safety engineering.

The Contents of Fire Safety for Very Tall Buildings

  • Introduction
  • History
  • Components of Performance-Based Design
  • International Practices
  • Fire Fighter Access
  • Unique Features of Very Tall Buildings
  • Fire Alarm Systems A Reference Manual
  • Special Features and Attractions
  • Hazard, Risk, and Decision Analysis in Very Tall
    Building Design
  • Integration of Building Design and Systems
  • System Reliability
  • Residential Fire Safety An Interdisciplinary Approach
  • Situation Awareness
  • Emergency Egress
  • Understanding Evacuation Times
  • Fire Resistance
  • Building Envelope/Enclosure
  • Risk Assessment
  • Fire Strategy
  • Detection and Alarm
  • Smoke Control
  • First Responder Considerations
  • Buildings Under Construction
  • Electrical Safety
  • Building Life Cycle Management
  • Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance
  • ESS in Very Tall Buildings.

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