Fundamentals of Process Safety Engineering

Fundamentals of Process Safety Engineering
Fundamentals of Process Safety Engineering Book Cover

Fundamentals of Process Safety Engineering 2021 SK Biswas. This book contains a great deal of technical detail, of which all engineers should have a basic understanding. But I hope that readers using this book retain these three critical messages throughout their careers. This book addresses the vital subject of Process Safety in petroleum refining,
petrochemical, and other similar processing plants.

  • You must understand the hazards of your materials and processes and the consequences that could arise if you don’t manage them properly.
    • You must know the risk of your process and implement all barriers necessary
    to ensure that it meets your corporate risk criteria.
    • Having implemented the necessary barriers, you must maintain them, so
    they perform as designed, all the time.

The Contents of Fundamentals of Process Safety Engineering

  • Chapter 1 Hazards in the Process Industries
  • Chapter 2 Overview of Some Major Accidents in the World
  • Chapter 3 Fundamentals of Fire Processes
  • Chapter 4 Static Electricity
  • Occupational Ergonomics A Practical Approach
  • Chapter 5 Pool Fire
  • Chapter 6 Jet Fire
  • Chapter 7 Vapor Cloud Fire
  • Chapter 8 Fireball
  • Chapter 9 Explosion
  • Chapter 10 Toxic Releases
  • Chapter 11 Dispersion of Gases and Vapors
  • Chapter 12 Hazard Identification
  • Chemical Process Safety Fundamentals with Applications
  • Chapter 13 Risk Assessment and Control
  • Chapter 14 Human Factors in Process Safety
  • Chapter 15 Process Safety and Manufacturing Excellence.

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