Learning from Accidents Book

Learning from Accidents
Learning from Accidents

Learning from Accidents Third edition Book by Trevor Kletz. This book deals mainly with accident investigation and the need to look beyond the immediate technical causes for ways of avoiding the hazards and for weaknesses in the management system. The other book, as the sub-title indicates, shows how accidents are forgotten and then repeated, and suggests ways of improving corporate memory. and thanks are due to the original publishers for permission to quote from them.

The Contents of Learning from Accidents Book

1 Two simple incidents
2 Protective system failure
3 Poor procedures and poor management
4 A gas leak and explosion – The hazards of insularity
5 A liquid leak and fire and the hazards of amateurism
6 A tank explosion – The hazards of optional extras
7 Another tank explosion – The hazards of modification and ignorance
8 Flixborough
9 Seveso
International Health and Safety at work
10 Bhopal
11 Three Mile Island
12 Chernobyl
100 Safety Topics Book
13 Aberfan
14 Missing recommendations
15 Three weeks in a works
16 Pipe Failures
17 Piper Alpha
18 The King’s Cross underground railway station fire
19 Clapham Junction – Every sort of human error
20 Herald of Free Enterprise
21 Some aviation accidents
22 Invisible hazards

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