OSHA 1910 Standards Guide

OSHA 1910 Standards Guide
OSHA 1910 Standards Guide

OSHA 1910 Standards Guide contains the full 1910 OSHA regulations that apply to “General Industry” employers (for example, manufacturing, warehouses, power plants and retail), as well as the Part 1904 Injury and Illness Record keeping requirements and the 1903 regulations that outline the OSHA inspection and penalty process.

Examples of OSHA 1910 standards included in this Guide include those requirements for employers to:
• Provide fall protection
• Prevent exposure to some infectious diseases
• Ensure the safety of workers who enter confined spaces
• Prevent exposure to harmful chemicals
• Put guards on the dangerous machines
• Provide respirators or other safety equipment
• Provide training for certain dangerous jobs
• Occupational health and environmental control
• Personal protective equipment
•Adoption and extension of established federal standards
•emergency action plans, and fire prevention
• Maintain injury and illness logs.

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