Occupational Safety and Health Law Handbook

occupational safety and health law handbook
Occupational Safety and Health Law Handbook Book Cover

Occupational Safety and Health Law Handbook By Melissa A. Bailey, ‎Matthew C. Cooper, ‎Frank D. Davis. The handbook begins with a review of the basic requirements of the law, who is covered, who is not, how safety and health standards are developed, how affected parties may participate, and how variances may sometimes be obtained when final standards conflict with other safety considerations at particular employment locations.

The Contents of Occupational Safety and Health Law Handbook

Chapter 1 Occupational Safety and Health Act
Chapter 2 OSHA: The Rulemaking Process
Occupational Safety and Health for Technologists Engineers and Managers
Chapter 3 The Duty to Comply with Standards
Chapter 4 The General Duty Clause
Chapter 5 Recordkeeping
Chapter 6 Employers’ and Employees’ Rights
Chapter 7 Refusal to Work and Whistleblower Protection
Chapter 8 Hazard Communication
Health and Safety at Work An Essential Guide for Managers
Chapter 9 Voluntary Safety and Health Self-Audits
Chapter 10 Inspections and Investigations
Chapter 11 Understanding and Contesting OSHA Citations
Chapter 12 Criminal Enforcement of Violations
Health and Safety Pocket Book
Chapter 13 Judicial Review of Enforcement Actions
Chapter 14 Imminent Danger Inspections
Chapter 15 OSHA-Approved State Plans

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