Practical Electrical Wiring

Practical Electrical Wiring
Practical Electrical Wiring Book Cover

Practical Electrical Wiring Residential Farm Commercial and Industrial by Frederic P Hartwell and Herbert P Richter 22nd Edition. The scope of this book has been limited to the wiring of structures of limited size and at ordinary voltages, at 600 volts or less. Skyscrapers and steel mills and projects of similar size involve problems that the student will not meet until long after mastering the contents of this book. this handbook reviews the theory and practice of installing electrical wiring. The guidelines provide an essential context for understanding the major industry segments—residential, farm, commercial, and industrial—and the techniques that help to prevent or solve all wiring problems.

The Contents of Practical Electrical Wiring

  • Part One: Wiring Principles
    1 NEC, Product Standards, and Inspection
    2 Numbers, Measurements, and Electricity
    3 AC and DC; Power Factor; Transformers
    4 Basic Electrical Power Utilization Systems
    5 Basic Devices and Equipment
    6 Overcurrent Devices
    7 Selecting Conductors
    8 Making Wire Connections and Splices
    9 Grounding for Safety
    10 Outlet and Switch Boxes
    11 Wiring Methods
    12 Planning Residential Installations
    13 Residential Electrical Distribution
    14 Residential Lighting
    15 Residential and Farm Motors
  • Electric Motors & Drives Fundamentals Types  Applications
  •  Part Two: Residential and Farm Wiring
    16 Installing Service Entrances and Grounds
    17 Installing Specific Devices
    18 Finishing: Installation of Switches, Receptacles, and Luminaires
    19 Limited-Energy Wiring
    20 Wiring for Multiple Circuits and Specialized Loads
  • Wiring A House Manual download
    21 Modernizing Old Work
    22 Farm Wiring
    23 On-site Engine Power Generation and Supply of Premises Wiring
    24 Manufactured Homes, Recreational Vehicles, and Parks
    25 Wiring Apartment Buildings
  • Part Three: Commercial and Industrial Wiring
  • A Dictionary of Electronics and Electrical Engineering
    26 Sizing Conductors for All Load Conditions
    27 Nonresidential Wiring Methods and Materials
    28 Planning Nonresidential Installations
    29 Nonresidential Lighting
    30 Industrial and Commercial Motor Applications
    31 Wiring Specific Locations and Occupancies

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