The Control of Boilers 2nd Edition

The Control of Boilers 2nd Edition
The Control of Boilers 2nd Edition

The Control of Boilers 2nd Edition by SAM G. DUKELOW. In the book sections and subsections covering interlocks, burner start-up and management, and the management of the start-up and operation of pulverizers and other fuel burning equipment. Along with this is the recognition of applicable safety codes of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Book describes on-line aspects of boiler control into the arena of the larger capacity electric utility boilers. The results of this are new sections covering the firing rate demand for utility boilers and steam temperature control. The section covering furnace pressure control has been expanded to include implosion protection. The section covering the control of pulverized coal firing has been expanded to include cyclone furnaces and their control and the compartmented wind box boiler and its control.

The boiler control field, and the rest of the I&C field, has had its revolution. It is now a distributed digital “microprocessor” world. But as with all control systems, no matter what hardware or software is used, the control application of the job to be done must be the major focus and must be defined. This book is a discussion of that application area.

The Control of Boilers 2nd Edition Contents

  • Section 1 Introduction
  • Section 2 Boiler Basics and the Steaming Process
  • Section 3 Performance and Input-Output Relationships
  • Section 4 Basic Control Loops and Their System Interconnection
  • Section 5 Combustion of Fuels. Excess Air and Products of Combustion
  • Section 6 Efficiency Calculations
  • Section 7 The Steam Supply System
  • Section 8 Firing Rate Demand for Industrial Boilers
  • Section 9 Firing Rate Demand for Utility Boilers
  • Section 10 Main Steam and Reheat Steam Temperature Control
  • Section 11 Boiler and Unit Interlocks
  • Section 12 Feedwater Supply and Boiler Water Circulation Systems
  • Section 13 Feedwater Control Systems
  • Section 14 Boiler Draft Systems
  • Section 15 Measurement and Control of Furnace Draft
  • Section 17 Flue Gas Analysis Trimming of Combustion Control Systems
  • Section 18 Fluid Fuel Burners for Gas. Oil. and Coal
  • Section 19 Solid Fuel Burning Systems
  • Section 20 Burner Management and Flame Safety Interlocks for Gas and Fluid-Fired Boilers.
  • Section 21 Combustion Control for Liquid and Gaseous Fuel Boilers
  • Section 22 Pulverized Coal and Cyclone Coal Burning Systems
  • Section 23 Combustion Control for Cyclone and Pulverized Coal-Fired Boiler
  • Section 24 Combustion Control for Stoker-Fired Boilers
  • Section 25 Atmospheric Fluidized-Bed Boilers
  • Section 26 Control System Complexity and Future Directions

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