Audel Plumbers Pocket Manual

audel plumbers pocket manual
Audel plumbers pocket manual pdf

Audel plumber’s pocket manual pdf by Rex Miller All-New 10th Edition. The Plumber’s Pocket Manual was designed to assist in the training of apprentices in the plumbing and pipefitting trades. However, we have learned through the years that the do-it-yourself has made good use of the manual, and we’d like to extend a welcome to all who are willing and eager to keep the plumbing working in top-notch order everywhere. Throughout the years, this manual has also been a helpful companion on the job, making work easier and more accurate. A handy reference in the toolbox or in the back pocket is always a treasure when there is a demand for information in a hurry. This book contains time-saving illustrations, plus many tips and shortcuts that lead to accurate installations. Such subjects as silver brazing, soft soldering, roughing and repair, lead work, and various pipe fittings and specifications beneficial
to fabricators are included.

The Contents in Audel Plumbers Pocket Manual
Part I Techniques, Installation, and Repair
1. Tips for the Beginning Plumber
2. Plumbing Safety and Tricks of the Trade
3. Plumbing Tools
4. Dental Office
5. Working Drawings
6. Roughing and Repair Information
7. Outside Sewage Lift Station
8. Pipes and Pipelines
9. Vents, Drain Lines, and Septic Systems
10. Lead Work
11. Lead and Oakum Joints
12. Silver Brazing and Soft Soldering

Part II Plumbing Systems
13. Plastic Pipe and Fittings
14. Cast-Iron Pipe and Fittings
15. Copper Pipe and Fittings
16. Water Heaters
Basic Plumbing Training Course
17. Water Coolers and Fountains
18. Automatic Bathroom Systems
Part III General Reference Information and formulas

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