HVAC Licensing Study Guide

HVAC Licensing Study Guide
HVAC Licensing Study Guide

HVAC Licensing Study Guide by Rex Miller and Mark R. Miller pdf download. This textbook has been prepared to aid in instructional programs in high schools, technical schools, trade schools, and community colleges. Adult evening classes and apprenticeship programs may also find it useful. This book provides over 800 questions, multiple-choice, true-false and some scrambled words to aid in name recognition. This book should be especially helpful to those studying on their own or informal classes for the certification exams offered by the ARI, NATE, and others. The book has been organized for quick recognition and for ease in locating material desired. A glossary has been provided for those who like to learn more than required of them. The scrambled words can be a mind teaser and an educational tool expanding your vocabulary and stretching your brainpower. Once the answers have been filled in, the book still has value in aiding those who want to review or dig deeper into this field of knowledge.

This book does not guarantee you will pass any test by studying its contents. It does have the ability to extend your knowledge of your field and expand your thinking power so that you will be better equipped to learn what is necessary to become a master of your field and trade.

The Contents  of HVAC Licensing Study Guide

Chapter 1 Heat sources
Chapter 2 heating systems
Chapter 3 Boilers, burners, and burner systems
Chapter 4 Piping systems
Chapter 5 Ductwork sizing
Chapter 6 Refrigerants
Chapter 7 Cooling and distribution systems
Chapter 8 Refrigeration equipment and processes
Chapter 9 Filters and airflow
Chapter 10 Maintenance, servicing, and safety
Chapter 11 Humidification, dehumidification, and psychrometrics
Chapter 12 Epa refrigeration handlers
Chapter 13 Heating circuits
Chapter 14 Safety on the job
Chapter 15 Trade associations and codes

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