Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual 2nd Edition

Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual
Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual Book Cover

Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual. Construction, Design Fabrication, and Examination 2nd edition by Phillip Ellenberger. The basic premise of this book is that at the heart of those requirements are a series of calculations, which cover a wide range of subjects. The base codes for the design of a new system, and the ones used in this book as the reference source, are the B31 piping codes of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). The B31 piping codes consist of several sections or books that describe the requirements for systems of a specific type. These can readily be broken into two basic types a piping system and a pipeline system.

The Contents of Piping and Pipeline Calculations Manual

  • Chapter 1 – Major Codes and Standards,
  • Chapter 2 – Metric versus U.S. Customary Measurement,
  • Chapter 3 – Selection and Use of Pipeline Materials
  • Chapter 4 – Piping and Pipeline Sizing, Friction Losses, and Flow Calculations
  • Chapter 5 – Piping and Pipeline Pressure Thickness Integrity Calculations
  • All in one manual of industrial piping practice and Maintenance book
  • Chapter 6 – Straight Pipe, Curved Pipe, and Intersection Calculations
  • Chapter 7 – Piping Flexibility, Reactions, and Sustained Thermal Calculations
  • Chapter 8 – Pipe Support Elements, Methods, and Calculations
  • Chapter 9 – Specialty Components
  • Piping Handbook 7th edition
  • Chapter 10 – High-Frequency versus Low-Frequency Vibration Calculations
  • Chapter 11 – Occasional Loads Calculations
  • Chapter 12 – Slug Flow and Fluid Transients Calculations
  • Chapter 13 – Fabrication and Examination Elements Calculations
  • Chapter 14 – Valves and Flow Control Calculations.

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