Safety With Machinery By John Ridley and Dick Pearce

Safety With Machinery
Safety With Machinery

Safety With Machinery By John Ridley and Dick Pearce. This book sets out to simplify and clarify how those obligations can be met while remaining sane and economically viable. It explains the principles involved in the protection techniques and the methods of application of safety equipment and gives the engineer sufficient basic information to enable a rational and reasonable selection from the range of equipment offered to be made in the confidence that this decision will ensure that the degree of protection demanded by laws and society is achieved. In dealing with the subject of safety with machinery it seemed logical to go beyond the design and manufacturing aspects and include consideration of the actual use of machinery, systems of working and plant layout.

The Contents of Safety With Machinery

  • Safeguarding philosophy and strategy
  • Safeguarding of work equipment
  • Factors affecting the selection and effectiveness of machine
  • Handbook of OSHA Construction Safety and Health
  • Typical hazards of machinery
  • Risk assessment, risk reduction and selection of safeguards
  • Guarding techniques
  • Mechanical guarding
  • Interlocking safeguards
  • Ergonomic aspects of machinery safeguarding
  • Safeguarding systems
  • Mechanical safety arrangements
  • Electrical safety circuits
  • Hydraulic safety circuits
  • Pneumatic safety circuits
  • Safety in the use of lifting equipment
  • Safety with pressure systems
  • Safe working with equipment
  • Plant layout and the working environment

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