Office Building Safety and Health

Office Building Safety and Health
Office Building Safety and Health Book Cover

Office Building Safety and Health by Charles D. Reese. This book has been created to serve as a comprehensive guide for safety professionals, students, and employers involved in ensuring occupational safety and health within office buildings. Its primary objective is to provide a step-by-step framework for implementing effective safety and health measures within office buildings. Given that a significant portion of the American workforce now operates within office buildings, ranging from small spaces to towering skyscrapers, it has become crucial to address the best practices for safeguarding workers in these environments.

The Contents of  Office Building Safety and Health

  • Introduction
  • Planning Office Building Safety and Health
  • Managing Office Building Safety and Health
  • Worker Involvement
  • 100 Safety Topics Book
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • OSHA’s Role and Rules
  • Office Building Safety
  • Office Equipment Safety
  • Office Building Housekeeping
  • Material Handling and Lifting
  • Designing Office Workplaces
  • Safety Professional Reference and Study Guide
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Office Building Environment
  • Office Building Chemical Hazards
  • Office Building Health Issues
  • Office Building Emergencies
  • Office Building Fire Prevention
  • Office First Aid
  • Office Building Maintenance
  • Outside/Grounds Maintenance
  • General Facilities (Hygiene)
  • Office Building Renovation and Construction
  • Office Building Security
  • Fire Protection Engineering in Building Design
  • Protecting the Office Building from NBCs
  • Workplace Violence
  • Parking Lot Security

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