Advanced Engine Technology pdf

Advanced engine technology by Heinz Heisler
Advanced engine technology by Heinz Heisler

Advanced engine technology pdf by Heinz Heisler. The book has been written with the aim of presenting an up-to-date, broad-based and in-depth treatise devoted to the design, construction, and maintenance of the engine and its auxiliary equipment in a clear and precise manner. The intention is to introduce and explain fundamental automotive engineering concepts so that the reader can appreciate design considerations and grasp an understanding of the difficulties the manufacturer has in producing components that satisfy the designers’ requirements and the production engineer and maintenance accessibility. This will enable the mechanic or technician to develop an inquiring mind to search for and reason out symptoms leading to the diagnosis and rectification of component faults.

Table of Contents Advanced Engine Technology 

  • 1 Valves and Camshafts
  • 2 Camshaft Chain Belt and Gear Train drives
  • 3 Engine Balance and Vibration
  • 4 Combustion Chamber Design and Engine Performance
  • 5 Induction and Exhaust Systems
  • 6 Supercharging Systems
  • 7 Carburetted Fuel Systems
  • Handbook of Diesel Engines
  • 8 Petrol Injection Systems
  • 9 Ignition Systems
  • 10 Engine Testing Equipment
  • 11 Diesel In-line Fuel Injection Pump
  • 12 Diesel Rotary and Unit Injector Fuel Injection pump system
  • 13 Emission Control
  • 14 Cooling and Lubrication Systems
  • 15 Alternative Power Sources

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