Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Book Cover

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Technologies, Modeling, and Control – A Mechatronic Approach. An advanced level introductory book covering fundamental aspects, design, and dynamics of electric and hybrid electric vehicles. This book is structured to address both senior undergraduate and graduate-level courses and can serve as an excellent reference for anyone with a background in dynamics, electrical, and control engineering. The content is sufficiently broad to allow course instructors the opportunity to tailor the material according to students’ backgrounds. Several introductory chapters provide important background information on vehicle technologies in propulsion, powertrain, body and chassis, and the evolution of automotive technology design from conventional vehicles to the HEV and EV models.

The Contents of  Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

  • Introduction to Vehicle Propulsion and Powertrain Technologies
  • Electric and Hybrid Powertrain Technologies
  • Body and Chassis Technologies
  • Vehicle Dynamics Fundamentals
  • An Introduction to Modern Vehicle Design
  • Modeling and Characteristics of EV/HEV Powertrains Components
  • Modeling and Analysis of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles’ Propulsion and Braking
  • Handling Analysis of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Advanced engine technology
  • Energy/Power Allocation and Management
  • Control of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Dynamics

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