Guidelines on Mental Health at Work

Guidelines on Mental Health at Work
Guidelines on Mental Health at Work Book Cover

Guidelines on mental health at work by WHO World Health Organization. The WHO guidelines for mental health at work give advice based on research to help people feel good at their jobs, avoid mental health problems, and support those with such issues so they can do well at work. These guidelines suggest things like making changes in how a company works, training managers and employees, helping individuals, and helping people get back to work. The goal is to make sure that proven ways to improve mental health at work are used more often.

The WHO guidelines on mental health at work are a comprehensive and invaluable resource for organizations and individuals alike. They offer a roadmap to create a more supportive and mentally healthy work environment, recognizing the importance of well-being in the modern workplace. By following these guidelines, businesses can reduce the impact of mental health challenges on their employees and foster a more positive and productive work atmosphere. The implementation of these evidence-based recommendations can lead to a more mentally healthy and happier workforce, benefiting both individuals and organizations.

The Contents of Guidelines on Mental Health at Work

  • Scope of the guidelines
  • Method for developing the guidelines
  • Recommendations for organizational interventions
  • The Health and Safety Trainers Guidebook
  • Recommendations for training managers
  • Recommendations for training workers
  • Recommendations for individual interventions
  • Recommendations for returning to work after absence due to mental health conditions
  • Recommendations for people with mental health conditions seeking employment
  • Screening programs
  • Human Fatigue Risk Management
  • Research gaps and dissemination/update of the guidelines
  • Managing declarations of interest and conflicts of interest
  • Occupational Safety & Health for Technologists Engineers & Managers
  • Developing the scope, key questions, and outcomes.

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