Diesel Engine Transient Operation

Diesel Engine Transient Operation
Diesel Engine Transient Operation

Diesel engine transient operation Principles of Operation and Simulation Analysis Book by Constantine D. Rakopoulos and Evangelos G. Giakoumis. This book is the outcome of many years of research on the subject and it is intended to serve as a reference for engineers and researchers but it should also be useful to (post-graduate) students as a supplementary text. It is expected that the reader is already familiar with (basic) aspects of internal combustion engine operation. Consequently, when dealing, for example, with the combustion development during transients, only a brief reminder is provided at the beginning of the section concerning some fundamental features of (steady-state) combustion.

The Contents of Diesel Engine Transient Operation

  • Transient Operation Fundamentals
  • Electrical Safety Handbook 3rd Edition
  • Thermodynamic Aspects of Transient Operation
  • Engine Dynamics
  • Experimental Measurements
  • Emissions
  • Diesel Generator Handbook
  • Methods of Improving Transient Response
  • Special Cases of Transient Operation
  • Second-law Analysis
  • Modeling
  • Exhaust Emission Regulations and Transient Cycles

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