5-Minute Workplace Safety Talks

5-Minute Workplace Safety Talks
5-Minute Workplace Safety Talks Book cover

5-Minute Workplace Safety Talks manual by J.J. Keller’s easy-to-use gives you fingertip access to more than 100 different safety talks. The Safety Talks assists you by providing the tools you need to conduct employee safety talks. Such training sessions, usually 5-15 minutes long and conducted weekly at the start of the shift, is a popular and widely used means to convey safety information. This product is designed specifically for use in these types of training sessions. However, the information included here can also be used when preparing other, more in-depth training sessions.

The Contents of the 5-Minute Workplace Safety Talks Book

Acrylonitrile Air Contaminants
Alcohol- and Drug-Free Workplace Anhydrous Ammonia
Asbestos Behavior-Based Safety
Benzene Bloodborne Pathogens
Bromopropane Carbon Monoxide
Chain Saws Chemical Protection
Coke Oven Emissions Cold-Related Illnesses
Combustible Dust Compressed Gases
Confined Space, Permit-Required Corrosives
Cotton Dust Cranes safety
Diesel Exhaust Dipping and Coating
Driver Safety Electrical Safety
Electrocution Emergency Action Plan
Employee Access to Medical Records Employee Alarm Systems
Ergonomics Ethylene Oxide
Eyestrain and CVS Eyewash and Showers
Fall Protection Fire Extinguishers
Fire Prevention Flammable Liquids
Floor and Wall Openings Hazard Communication
Hand and Portable Powered Tools Hazardous Waste
Hearing Protection Housekeeping
Hydrogen Sulfide Ionizing Radiation
ISO 14000 Job Hazard Analysis
Ladders Lightning Safety
Lifting Techniques Metalworking Fluids
Near Miss Office Safety
OSHA Powered Industrial Trucks
Personal Protective Equipment Scaffolding safety
Process Safety Respiratory Protection

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