Auto Repair For Dummies

Auto Repair For Dummies
Auto Repair For Dummies

This new edition is about much more than auto repair. In this book, I introduce you to the wonders of the internal combustion engine and to the even more wondrous alternative fuels and alternatively fueled vehicles that reduce dependence on the rapidly dwindling supply of fossil fuel and will play a huge role in the battle against global warming that threatens the future of the planet. I’m proud to say that this edition of Auto Repair For Dummies is the first “green” automotive guide that focuses on how the vehicles you choose; the way you maintain them; and how you recycle used oil, parts you’ve replaced, and other waste products directly affect the environment. The book starts off with the basics every driver should know, from how to get the hood open and fill up with fuel, to using a jack and changing a tire safely.

The Contents of Auto Repair For Dummies

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Things Every Driver Should Know
  • Chapter 2: Preventive Maintenance: A Monthly Under-the-Hood Check
  • Chapter 3: The Way to Your Car’s Heart Is through Your Toolbox
  • Chapter 4: What Makes It Go? The Inner Secrets of Your Car Revealed
  • Chapter 5: The Electrical System: Your Car’s Spark of Life
  • A Textbook of Automobile Engineering
  • Chapter 6: Keeping Your Electrical System in Tune
  • Chapter 7: The Traditional Fuel System: The Heart and Lungs of Your Car
  • Chapter 8: Keeping Your Fuel System in Tune
  • Chapter 9: Diesel For Dummies
  • Chapter 10: From Horses to Hybrids: Alternatively Powered Vehicles
  • Chapter 11: The Cooling System Up Close
  • An Introduction to Modern Vehicle Design
  • Chapter 12: Keeping Your Car from Getting Heartburn
  • Chapter 13: Oil: Keeping Your Car Young and Happy
  • Chapter 14: It’s the Brakes
  • Chapter 15: Be a Buddy to Your Brakes and Bearings
  • Chapter 16: Steering and Suspension Systems Smooth the Way
  • Chapter 17: How to Keep Your Car from Getting Sore Feet: Tires, Alignment, and Balancing
  • Chapter 18: Take the Drive Train
  • Chapter 19: Staying Safe on the Road
  • Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems
  • Chapter 20: Troubleshooting Leaks, Squeaks, Smells, and Strange Sensations
  • Chapter 21: What to Do If Your Car Drops Dead or Won’t Start
  • Chapter 22: When All Else Fails: Finding and Dealing with a Good Mechanic
  • Chapter 23: Keeping Your Vehicle Clean and Beautiful
  • Chapter 24: Bodywork: Getting Rid of Dings, Dents, and Other Hard Knocks
  • Chapter 25: The Ten Most Important Preventive Maintenance Measures

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