Occupational Hygiene and Risk Management

Occupational Hygiene and Risk Management
Occupational Hygiene and Risk Management Book Cover

Occupational Hygiene and Risk Management by Megan Tranter. hygiene, the principles of risk management, and the difference between hazard and risk. It will also provide an introduction to toxicology, the concept of dose, exposure, and epidemiology. Occupational exposure standards and biological exposure indices will be explained and their uses shown with some practical examples. As awareness of the importance of minimizing occupational health and safety risk continues to grow amongst Australian employers, so too does the science of occupational hygiene. Occupational hygiene hazards such as dust, noise, chemicals, vibration, radiation, ergonomics, light, pressure, and biological agents require an especially diligent approach to ensure they are not only identified but the level of risk assessed and appropriate controls put in place for the long-term health of workers.

The Contents of Occupational Hygiene and Risk Management

  • Chapter 1 Fundamentals of occupational hygiene and risk management
  • Chapter 2 Working out the human body
  • Chapter 3 Hazard identification
  • A to Z Health and Safety Book
  • Chapter 4 Dusts and particulate
  • Chapter 5 Metals
  • Chapter 6 Chemical contaminants
  • Chapter 7 Noise and vibration
  • Chapter 8 Heat and cold
  • Chapter 9 Radiation and pressure
  • Dictionary of Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health
  • Chapter 10 Biological hazards
  • Chapter 11 Ergonomics
  • Chapter 12 Risk analysis
  • Chapter 13 Control
  • Chapter 14 Using a systematic approach to risk management

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